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We Give You A TV Experience Anywhere You Go.

Available On Most Devices And Platforms

Welcome To Watch UK TV Online

If you want to watch uk tv online, you have come to the right place!

We have all your favourite British television channels included in our service and all of them are available with a full seven days catch-up service at no extra cost. Never miss your favourite shows again. We also make all of this content available by category, channel or title.

How It Works

The service is an online experience where we deliver TV content directly to you using a blend of proven internet technologies and in-house innovations; optimised to give you the best UK TV experience from where ever you are in the world.

The Watch UK TV Online service is available on your home computer, smartphone, tablet, and even our set-top box. Supported devices include:

  • Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac Computers
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

What Makes Us Different?

Many online services offer access to watch UK TV by connecting through complicated Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or Proxy servers, but these solutions only allow access to services you might not have access to such as iPlayer and 4OD.

We are different. We give you a TV experience over the internet akin to the one you have become accustomed to when using a modern satellite or cable service. You can watch TV channels live, catchup on anything aired in the last 7 days, and because we are using the Internet to deliver content we can deliver it anywhere you have Internet access.


To use the service you must have a compatible device, for exact details of the platforms and required software please see the Services page

As with all online streaming video services you will need a constant Internet connection. We recommended that your Internet connection's download speed be at least 1.5Mbs, where most Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide between 3Mbs and 5Mbs when using ADSL (that is to say a telephone-line bases internet connection, as opposed to a fiber-optic connection which is typicaly many times faster).

If you are unfamiliar or uncertain regarding your Internet connection speed we recomend using one of the many online connection speed testing services to get a exact, and practicle, measurment of your connections capabilities. One such site we use is Please remember when using such a service it is the download speed that is important, not the upload speed.


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